What is a Soul Session?
A Soul Session is a private one to one hour to explore your own vocational journey.  By reflecting on and expressing your inner and outer life, you are gently invited to notice and act on the next simple step your life is calling you to. 
The aim is to listen to and follow your sense of Soul,  using whatever language, imagery or tradition you have to describe this.

What to expect:

A typical session would start by you getting in touch with a recent experience:

~ Internal or external 

~ A tiny whisper or a chaotic event 

~ Something that has been 'sitting' with you for sometime or one which has recently surfaced and waiting for you to stop, listen and attend

~ A physical issue or sensation that medication alone is not addressing

~ An emotional or spiritual numbness or 'nothing'. 


This experience is the starting point for a safe and gentle exploration.  The session involves shared listening, gentle questioning and silent moments. Sometimes creative expressions may be offered such as guided meditation, drawing or simple gestures, which you are free to go with or not.


There is no 'this is what you should do' or hidden agenda, rather, it is an open session of discovery where I, like you, don't know the outcome of the session.  We journey together. 

Cost: $80 AUD

*If you are really drawn to this service and cost is an issue contact Bridget to discuss options, because you matter.  

*If you can't believe how 'affordable' it is, please offer to pay more (to help those who struggle)


Connection: During Coronavirus time this service is only offered via Zoom.  You will receive a private link after booking.