Soul Hour
A live monthly group hour to simply relax and reflect.
When: Last Sunday of the month, 10am (Melbourne, Australia time)
Where: Zoom from your own sacred space
More About Soul Hour:  Each hour is structured around 3 elements of deep listening, quiet time and deep expression.  Time spent in each of these elements is dependant on group numbers and dynamics in the moment.  Soul Hour will go ahead with a minimum number of one person - because you matter. 
Deep Listening
Throughout the hour you are encouraged to deeply listen to yourself, to others and to the energy of the group.  This listening is not only with your ears, but includes listening with your intuitive heart (being aware of your emotions & inner stirrings), mind (being open to something new), body (physical awareness and whole body presence).  Deep listening begins with a brief opening reflection which may take various forms - a poem, music, artwork etc.
Quiet Time
This allows for some contemplative time to process the opening reflection and notice how YOU are in the moment.  What physical sensations do you notice during this time?  What memories, thoughts, stirrings arise...or not?  Just surrender to what IS and let it BE. 
How do you feel drawn to respond to whatever is happening within you?  What do you need to do now? For example: You may sense a soft whisper to do something or say something, if so, honour this is some way.  You may like to share this by posting in our private group chat or verbally share in our group.  Or perhaps you may feel angry or disappointed about something so to get this out you might want to have a physical shake or scribble black crayon all over a piece of paper? OR perhaps you feel nothing and feel drawn to just listen to others? ..the 'callings' are endless.  Trust whatever comes, remembering SOUL callings are essentially about a Spirit Of Universal/ Ultimate Light, Life, Love.  
Cost: $20 (Australian) This is really a token payment to ensure your full committed presence during this hour and to help sustain this Vocational Journeys service. 
Commitment:  This is a casual offering and open to anyone.  You can come to one or come regularly, whenever you like.  If you do decide to come, it is asked that you commit to the full hour and be as fully present as you can be.  This is also a good affordable way to follow up from any previous Vocational Journeys course or soul session you have done.  Give yourself a soul check.
Bookings: Can be made up to one hour before start time which is 9am Melbourne, Australia time.  A new Zoom link will be emailed to you on booking.