Spain again 2022.

Coming to the end of my month in Spain. It’s been great to unplug from electronics… still don’t have my laptop but here’s a summary from my phone.

Enjoyed the ocean along the coastal Camino Portuguese. Enjoyed company of old friends and meeting new ones. Didn’t enjoy long stretches between cafes- with banos!

Enjoyed my few weeks in Rabanal del Camino as a hospitalero. Loved meeting the locals and love the stone buildings.

Started to walk afterwards but I think I’m over the long days and albergues so I’m relaxing near the wild ocean in sleepy Muxia before going back to Santiago and catching plane to London to meet my sister for our UK maternal journey.

I’ve also decided to close this website / service down in a few months when I have access to a computer so if you want to contact me, my personal email is