Liz Gilbert & My Sisters

What a beautiful way to start 2020. In a rare event, my four gorgeous sisters and I gathered for a lovely morning to hear and meet Liz Gilbert right here in our home town Melbourne, Australia. We even brought along a photo of our mum who died a few years ago (also named Liz) - who would have loved the luxuriousness of enjoying high morning tea while listening to a creative writer and for all us girls to be together. Fab day!

What I love about Liz Gilbert is not so much her writing, as lovely as that is, but her expressions and sharing of her creative process. She seems to live and express what I mean by listening to and following my Spirit, which she calls an 'elusive creative genius'. If you haven't seen her TED talk, it's so worth watching...

I also appreciate the way Liz has distinguished the word 'vocation' compared to three other words - career, job and hobby. Her description of what 'vocation' is resonates with the essence of what this Vocational Journeys service is all about.

What would you say about your hobbies? job? career? vocation?

Here's my response:

Current Hobbies: walking, Auslan (Australian Sign Language), discovering new cafes

Jobs: I've had heaps over the years including working in a milkbar, my parents florist, waitressing, childcare, teaching, television Co-host...

Career: Teaching, Career Counselling & Spiritual Direction

Vocation: Listening to and following my Spirit. This journey has led me into marrying (and staying married) to my husband Alex, becoming a Mother, becoming a Teacher and Spiritual Director and now opening into and offering this Vocational Journeys service.