Come Union

This poem was triggered by my participation in the recent global Shift Summit & Music Festival. The Summit ended on International Day of Peace and was really a beginning for all of us to co-create and embody a re-visioning of our world. A re-visioning based on a shift in our consciousness from the lie of separation to the deep truth of our interconnection. I'm in! So here's my prayer poem...for us personally, collectively, our earth and our universe.

Dear Model of Domination

It's time to let go now

Your hour of death has come

You need to surrender


So that which you ignore

may teach you

So that which you suppress

may nourish you

So that which you destroy

may have new life

So that which you think is less important

may actually give you what you most deeply need

Model of Domination

Transform into wholeness for all

Let us be


A new model together

A model of embodied


Come Union

And may peace prevail on earth