Camino calling...again

It was two years ago I felt drawn to walk the 780km across northern Spain along the Camino Frances and it's still having after effects. I recently found myself looking at the Camino forum again and ended up volunteering for Ivar Reike's 'Camino Conversations'. I was initially a bit nervous, but it immediately took me right back, and I enjoyed it.

It also looks like my Camino book publication 'I Am Calling You' is actually going to happen - and set to be launched by Christmas. What an unexpected journey this has been. And just a heads up, I'll be published with the pen name of 'unnamed woman' rather than my own. Not because I'm trying to hide, but simply because I was creatively inspired to do so. So stay tuned...

Camino de Santiago

I thought I was done with you?

You called. I went. I loved.

I came back home.

Have I missed something?

You are lingering

And I find myself


On the forum


Birthing new poems

About you

Needing to remember

And pour out your spirit

to the world

and to me

You are closed now

Coronavirus is giving you a rest

To Pause

To rejuvenate

As you gave to me

So I wonder, Camino

Where are you leading me now?